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Old Way Companies choose from a catalogue and mix and match a range together.


New Way VESTIS develops a range of exclusive garments, taking into account the company's branding, work environments and the type of work that is being performed by the various employees.

Old Way Companies budget and order uniforms once a year for the entire staff complement, significantly impacting the business' cashflow.


New way Garments are replaced when it is worn, torn, too big or too small. Delivered within a few weeks or supplied within a few days from stock if agreed with the customer.

Old Way Some companies buy in bulk and keep stock for when they have new staff or when uniforms have to be replaced. Inevitably resulting in having too much of certain styles and sizes and running out on others.


New Way VESTIS manages the buffer stock and tops up this stock based on actual demand, avoiding running out of stock and having too much of slowing moving stock.

Old Way Staff provides their own sizes, based on current clothing they are wearing, or is measured with a tape measurement. Resulting in incorrect sizes being received as each factory uses different size specifications.


New way To determine the correct sizes for each style, staff goes through fitting sessions with the use of actual fitting ranges.

Old Way Suppliers take 8-12 weeks to exchange incorrect garments.


New way VESTIS facilitates exchanges within 4 weeks or within a few days if there is a stock holding agreement in place.

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Development process How do we go about
dressing your company?

  • 1

    Initial meeting

    During the first meeting we get to understand what would be the best uniform solution for you in terms of ranges and service levels.

  • 2

    Range development

    We will present a storyboard, physical samples and fabric swatches. Thereafter we will make samples in the correct fabric and colour for approval.

  • 3

    Sizing of staff members

    We either facilitate fitting sessions at your site(s), provide you with fitting ranges for staff to fit themselves or staff can use the mobile sizing app.

  • 4

    Client take on

    A detailed overview of each staff member's orders will be given to the uniform coordinator for approval.

  • 5

    Delivery Orders

    Orders will be delivered within 4 weeks, and exchanges within 2 weeks, subject to fabric lead times.

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