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A client since 2010 for which we supply the student with their uniforms each year. The 1st year students are being issued with their uniforms through our unique pop-up shop concept and the other student make use of the fitting ranges at the acadamy's.

Van Schaik is the preferred book store for South Africa's universities. For their staff, we supply their shirts and blouses since 2014.

Premium customer service and quality garments are the pillars under the supply agreement with SCP since 2019.

Morton & Partners Radiologists are one of Radeen's long-standing clients. Every 2 years the range is renewed and rolled out to all the branches. The new staff is fitted and supplied with their uniforms within a matter of a few weeks.

Through a unique buffer stock management system we are able to supply IWESCO with staff uniform within a matter of days, enabling them to comfortable take on a new contract on short notice.

We took on the task to standardize the uniforms across the many different Badisa units and roll this out in an affordable way, throughout the COVID-19 lockdown.

Koreserv operates in locations where staff have to look the part. With an exclusive yet affordable range on the back of a stock holding agreement, we are able to satisfy does exact needs.

The Skin Renewal clinics are staffed by medical doctors experienced in cosmetic & aesthetic medicine and anti-aging treatments, who are supported by a team of qualified nurses and therapists. The uniforms are coordinated with their corporate image.

Through our offer, Spier was able to reduce their stock holdings from several months to virtually no stock, without risking their staff being without a uniform.

As one of the top hospitals in the country, Zuid Afrikaans was looking for a supplier that could develop a bespoke range that could cover all their staff's needs and facilitate fitting sessions.

Trans-50 owns and manages 5 residential villages across SA. Radeen assisted them with the creation of one uniform look across the different villages.

Factory video

A walkthrough video of a typical product at our factory

Our solution What you can expect

Based on initial discussions, we present a storyboard, physical samples, and fabric swatches. Thereafter we will make samples in the correct fabric and color for approval.

After approval of the range, we will proceed to fit your staff, provide you with fitting ranges or facilitate the sizing of your employees in any other way agreed upon.

Once the individuals’ orders are taken and approved, orders are typically delivered within 4 weeks, subject to specific lead times of (printed) fabric.

After delivery, any required returns and/or exchanges will be facilitated by our dedicated customer service team and delivered within 2 weeks.

  • Meeting
  • Story boards & Samples
  • Fitting of staff members
  • Order approval
  • Production
  • Employees feedback
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Industries we supply Fit for purpose styling and fabric choices

  • Academies
  • Banking
  • Beauty & Hair
  • Catering
  • Cleaning
  • Medical
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Retirement villages
  • Security
  • Retail and service providers
How we work
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A range of scrub tops, pants and caps.

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A range of scrub tops, pants and caps.

Rhapsody Collection

A range of breathable easy to wear scrubs made of Sentosa Cotton blend.

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